trait Distributor

[source: org/scalatest/Distributor.scala]

trait Distributor
extends (Suite, Tracker) => Unit
Trait whose instances facilitate parallel execution of Suites. An optional Distributor is passed to the run method of Suite. If a Distributor is indeed passed, trait Suite's implementation of run will populate that Distributor with its nested Suites (by passing them to the Distributor's apply method) rather than executing the nested Suites directly. It is then up to another thread or process to execute those Suites.

If you have a set of nested Suites that must be executed sequentially, you can mix in trait SequentialNestedSuiteExecution, which overrides runNestedSuites and calls super's runNestedSuites implementation, passing in None for the Distributor.

Implementations of this trait must be thread safe.

Bill Venners
Method Summary
override abstract def apply (suite : Suite, tracker : Tracker) : Unit
Puts a Suite into the Distributor.
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Method Details
override abstract def apply(suite : Suite, tracker : Tracker) : Unit
Puts a Suite into the Distributor.
suite - the Suite to put into the Distributor.
tracker - a Tracker to pass to the Suite's run method.
NullPointerException - if either suite or tracker is null.

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